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Largest ELCON Advance²Quadra sofar for Swiss pre-fab housing manufacturer

One of the leading manufacturers of housing in Switzerland now disposes of the world’s largest vertical beam saw, the ELCON Advance²Quadra, with a height of almost 4 meters and a length of approx 10 meters. This completely automatic and fully programmable cutting system for walls of pre-fab housing is installed this summer.

Exhibition season starts well for ELCON

From last month ELCON have participated already in various exhibitions, with many still planned in the coming weeks. The results are very positive and strengthen the feeling that the market position for ELCON growes more and more.

Elcon Partner Award to Germany

At the occasion of the opening of their new company premises in Gescher, the team of Geronne has received the Elcon Partner Award. This acknowledgement, in the shape of a shining engraving, is awarded on basis of the excellent achievement over the past year.

Elcon sails through crisis

In spite of all the signs in our environment that the economic development is grim to very grim, Elcon sales seem to sail relatively well through the rough weather.

Advance²Quadra with Ardis

The constant flow of new additions to the Advance²Quadra model is one of the main reasons for the overwhelming success in the market: from now it is available with Ardis optimizing software
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